I always notice this.. there is always somebody close to us as a solution – support.. for any of our problems but we still keep hunting for  somebody else.. irrespective of the extra cost – time loss and no guarantee of definite results..

What can be the reason?  The reason is very simple… there is some disconnect.

I always try to find out why this disconnect? – husbands and wives – two friends, clients and the consultants, Employee and the Employer .. All actually need to be transparent in their own interest amongst them. But we hardly see them even open to each other and find the reasons to blame!

As we think on this.. the main reason I find here is lack of trust with each other.. if we think in a proper peace of mind.. we find that – trust is missing from almost every relationships.. infact every relationship is only based on trust but the same is missing.. we 100 times say that I trust you.. he trusts her.. she trusts him and all that but we realise that these statements are all artificial… And never from the heart..

The thoughts keep coming in my mind.. always.. if trust is so important – Why it is missing.. I feel that .. it needs to start from our own.. frankly we don’t trust ourselves.. then how can we trust others.. every relationship has become conditional.. respect in all relationships also has become rare..

And I feel that this is all due to lack of:.   Self Confidence,Values in relationships, Values of respect for others, caring and supportive relationships.

All this is happening now a days as Money has taken the place of all above.. race of overtaking others, imbalanced life styles and shortcuts used to make money.. the life is taken to pure speculation..

Quality life – true life.. our life together is just becoming a history.. and we are in races to become a big fish to eat small ones..

We think.. we will succeed but it never happens infact it takes us back at deeper valley.. more difficult to come up easily..

I want to spend time with sharing the knowledge that I have – to those who want.. understanding the values in relationships… Respecting others.. understanding the viewpoints of others.. making them aware of the risks that I understand.. learning more important things in rest of the life. 

Preparing myself eligible to serve others..



Either you think with your brains or heart.. but you have no right to become nervous if you think by heart and bear the consequences of the same.

You have always faced this music in life.. you always like to help others.. to any extent but you suddenly become nervous if somebody takes advantage of your flexibility.. your openness.. your helpfulness and also your adjustments towards their good… But who is responsible for this?… It’s very simple.. Either you become strict and use the brains or face the music.

How good you behave in this world.. one thing is definite.. the moment people get the chance.. you are not of any worth for them..

So today’s lesson… If you don’t have to Change, then accept the things as they are! Keep it in mind that all will be there with you till the Time you are good to them.. and you should never forget that –  it is just a dream that.. you are good to all and all also will be good to you for ever..

The best thing to learn is .. if you really like to help others and.. you like be with all… in their needs.. be there by all means but without any expectations…. And only then you will have peace of mind and comfort!!